Our Services

MORPOL renders services in the following principal areas: 
     1.  Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) in 


  -  Process, Plant & Facilities

  -  Pipeline & Associated Facilities

  -  Storage Tanks and Silos  

  -  Products Loading Facilities

  -  Commissioning and Training


We are committed to delivering quality engineering services that meet our Client’s specification in the Oil and Gas, Water, Process, and Power industries.  


We handle procurement for projects or material supply contracts, sourcing materials from around the world on the needs of our clients, adhering to the provisions of the Nigerian Content Acts.   


We follow world-class quality standards in project construction through a comprehensive planning I strategy that addresses constructability modalities. 


We run all our EPC projects from engineering through procurement and construction phases to final commissioning mostly by our competent personnel and we involve vendor’s personnel where required. 


We also provide relevant classroom and practical trainings which may be at our/vendor’s facilities as per project demand.      



2.  Maintenance and Rehabilitation Works 


We undertake maintenance and rehabilitation works in process plants covering mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment, which include the following: 


-  Refining & Petrochemical Plants Turnaround Maintenance (TAM)   

-  Equipment Maintenance, Overhaul and repair  

-  Process Plants Rehabilitation 

-  Calibration of Equipment 


2.1  Plant Maintenance (Turn-around or Shutdown)


We understand that all major process industries (refineries, petrochemicals, power generation, food processing, and so on) undergo Turn-Around Maintenance (TAM) or Shut-down Maintenance in order to increase the reliability of equipment asset, to ensure a continued production integrity and also to reduce the risk of unscheduled outages or damaging failures.   


We have been leading specialists in plant maintenance projects in the major refineries, petrochemical, power plant, water industries and manufacturing industries in Nigeria for over two decades.  Our experience in this regard includes but not limited to successful delivery of TAM projects in  


-     Waste Water Treatment Plant,

-     Water Demineralisation Plant,

-     Carbon Blank Plant,

-     Polypropylene Plant,

-     HF Alkalization Plant,

-     Utilities Plant and

-     Power Plants.  


2.2  Equipment Maintenance & Overhaul


We have extensive experience in equipment maintenance & overhaul services in Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation in the process industries in Nigeria. See our experience page for related jobs we had executed.   


2.3  Process Plants Rehabilitation


We had successfully delivered several rehabilitation projects in Nigeria.  While most of these projects are inherently maintenance and rehabilitation based, they also involved significant re-engineering work activities to improve the performance of the plants, procurement, installation/ construction and commissioning activities.   


Among these projects include the following:

-    Instrumentation Rehabilitation project for the Warri Refining and Petrochemical Company of Nigeria (WRPC) which involved converting the traditional control system to a modern control system of DCS.   


-    Rehabilitation of the Water Demineralization Plant Trains A & B and Associated facilities at the Port Harcourt Refinery Company Limited.      


-    Rehabilitation of Waste Water Treatment (WWT) Plant for OPHRC and NPHRC.    


-    Rehabilitation of Iju Water Works.