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Nigerian Content Compliance

MORPOL is an indigenous organization that has based its operations on principles of Nigerian Content Development. Our policy statement says it all as highlighted below.

Manpower Development

We promote the Nigerian Content by employing strictly Nigerians in various disciplines, especially in Engineering where our core competence lies.

In order to create jobs in Nigeria, we ensure our projects execution reflects about 98.5% of the Nigerians. In MORPOL, our top Management has more than 98% Nigerian content at all times.


MORPOL has series of equipment that enhance its operations and projects. These include but not limited to: Cranes, Excavators, Pipe layers, Welding machines, Tractors, to mention but few.


MORPOL has a modern Operations Base located at Shell NLG Road, Obunagha / Yenogoa.

Local Collaboration / Use Of Sub-Contractors

MORPOL has always collaborated with other Nigerian Contractors for out-sourcing of areas like Engineering Design in any project that is EPC. We also patronize others in the areas of procurement to promote Local Content.

We sub-contract some of the jobs to develop other Indigenous Contractors and in compliance with NCD’s Act 2010 provisions.

Community Development

MORPOL takes cognizance of the importance of host community, hence the signing of community affairs policy.

In carrying out the policy, we maintain very close relationship with our host communities with a view to knowing their needs, some of which may include grading of roads, equipping their children’s classrooms, provision of boreholes, etc.

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